How to Prepare a Speech

by Lenny Laskowski

You're preparing a presentation. You wonder: Is my material good enough? Is it organized well? Do I need jokes? What should I do if I get nervous? And on and on. How can you prepare — and deliver — a rock-solid, knock 'em dead presentation?

Preparing a presentation How to Prepare a Speechis a process. For some, it's easy, painless — even fun. For others, it can be a many-times-delayed, painful torture culminating in disaster. Most of us are somewhere in between. In How to Prepare a Speech, Lenny Laskowski explains how to make your presentation preparation process more like fun.

You'll learn his 13 Easy Steps to Preparation, the Six Major Speaking Faults (and how to avoid them), the Art of Strong Transitions, and Six Aids to Strong Endings. And if you follow his preparation method, you'll notice a big difference with your very first effort.

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Lenny Laskowski is an international professional speaker, author, consultant, seminar leader, and professional speech coach and one of the leading international experts in presentation skills, public speaking and communication skills. Lenny shares his presentation skills and public speaking expertise with audiences worldwide and offers more than 28 years experience as a seasoned presenter and speaker. I'm honored to consider Lenny a colleague, and I'm pleased to be able to offer How to Prepare a Speech to visitors of my Web site.


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