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Terrific Technical Presentations
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If you're marketing Terrific Technical Presentations, you'll be looking for strategies, tactics, and resources to help you understand and reach buyers. This page provides some basics and some useful ideas.

This page helps ClickBank affiliates who are considering promoting our ebook, Terrific Technical Presentations. It has resources and insights that might reduce the cost of devising a marketing program for this item, and describes the buyers in some detail.

The Buyers

The general reading audience for Terrific Technical Presentations consists of professionals of all kinds who make presentations in the workplace setting. Examples of presentations they make:

  • Sales presentations to customers and prospects
  • Presentations to employees, including state-of-the-organization reports, change effort announcements, policy changes, reorganizations
  • Presentations to peers and superiors, including project reviews, proposals, status reports, problem reviews
  • Presentations at trade shows and conferences
  • Project kickoffs and retrospectives
  • New process announcements and associated training

Typically, readers haven't received much formal training or coaching in making presentations. And they don't have much time for that anyway, for two reasons:

  • They're usually very busy with "real work."
  • They're most receptive to the idea of acquiring this item within a few days of the event where they have to make the presentation.

The time constraints mean that a conventional, poorly indexed business book just won't suffice. They need to be able to search the document for the specific things they're looking for. And they need to be able to acquire the document right now. There's no time for trips to book stores, or for waiting for a shipment from Amazon.

How to Reach the Buyers

First, here's something not to do: advertise in magazines that appeal to presenters. Subscribers to these periodicals tend to be full-time presenters. This item appeals more to those who are presenting, but who aren't presenters full time. A subscription is a longer-term arrangement, not motivated by the immediate need. Our buyers are motivated by the immediate need.

Web sites that appeal to presenters are another matter altogether. They're available to our audience, because the Web is instantly available. Here are some Web sites where our buyers might be looking for help. Some accept ads, some don't. But the ones that don't accept ads have lots of links to sites that do.

If they're searching for resources on the Web, they're probably looking for some of these keywords and keyphrases:

  • presentation
  • presentation skills
  • team presentation
  • presentation planning
  • presentation training
  • presentation tips
  • presentation mistakes
  • tips for presentation(s)
  • question and answer
  • Q and A
  • Q & A
  • eye contact
  • audience
  • memorizing a speech
  • how to memorize a speech
  • tips for giving a speech
  • nervousness
  • presenting powerpoint
  • powerpoint tips
  • perspiration
  • persuasion
  • designing powerpoint slides
  • powerful presentations
  • successful presentations
  • influence
  • platform skills
  • confidence
  • handling questions
  • interruptions
  • running seminars
  • running workshops
  • capturing attention
  • inspiring action
  • (how to) change minds
  • public speaking

Comarketing and
Marketing Synergy Opportunities

If you're already marketing some products, you might find that the people you're already looking for are the same people who would be interested in Terrific Technical Presentations. Here are some products that buyers of this item might also be interested in acquiring:


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