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Fed Up with Business Travel?

21st Century Business Travel: Tips for the e-Enabled Business TravelerAre your business trips long chains of stressful misadventures? Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to get from here to there relaxed and refreshed? First class travel is one alternative, but you can do almost as well (without the high costs) if you know the tricks of the masters of 21st-century e-enabled business travel…

Getting from here to there can be wearing, stressful and an out-and-out waste of time — if you keep doing what you've been doing. If you're like most of us, you know some of the little tricks that can make a difference in the common travel situations that most of us discover. But there's a lot more to know, and if you follow the trails already blazed by others, you can avoid the traps that trapped them.

Business travel is changing fast. Even if you scan the Web for travel tips, much of what you find, though helpful, is out of date or soon-to-be out of date, obsoleted by dramatic developments on the Web itself, or in mobile devices. For business travelers, keeping current isn't just keeping up with the latest fads. It can make the difference between an OK trip and an astonishingly successful one. It can mean that you catch a flight you didn't know existed, shortening your trip by two days. It can mean the difference between a window seat with an actual window, and window seat with a clear view of a wall.

This book has just been updated for 2017.

Read 21st Century Business Travel: Tips for the e-Enabled Business Traveler to learn the secrets the e-enabled travel pros already know. It's packed with tricks and techniques that let you fly through security, or get the best available rental car, or the safest hotel room, and much more. For instance, you'll learn how to configure your email (for free) so that if your address ever changes, all you have to do is tell one organization, instead of dozens of frequent-flyer, hotel, and car rental loyalty programs.

Available now: More · How to Order

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