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You can match "all terms" or "any terms." "All terms" means that a matching page must contain every keyword. "Any terms" means that a matching page must contain at least one keyword.

The displayed results in "Standard Form" show a brief paragraph describing each matching page. In "Compact Form," the results show just a single line about each matching page.

Just type in a few keywords. For more relevant results, use more specific keywords. Outside of double-quoted strings ("like this"), only words or phrases containing an upper case character will be treated as case sensitive. This search engine also supports advanced search strings:

+teams +conflict
translation: require "teams" and require "conflict"
-teams +conflict
translation: forbid "teams" and require "conflict"
or teams and conflict
translation: prefer "teams" and require "conflict"
Documents with both terms appear higher in the list of results.
"teams in conflict"
Finds only exact matches of this phrase. Matching is case-sensitive.
and teams and conflict*
translation: require "teams" (case insensitive) and require words starting with "conflict"
Matches all pages that have "teams" and any of the words "conflicted", "conflicting", etc. Case insensitive.
not team and Conflict and project or requirements
translation: require "Conflict" (case sensitive), require project, forbid "team", prefer "requirements"
Where is *men*?
translation: ignores common words like "where", "is" and "the". Matches "requirements", "amen", and "mendacity".

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