Coaching for Workplace Bullying

Are you the target of a workplace bully? Or bullies? Are you a bystander in a bullying situation, wondering what to do? Is your boss bullying you or someone you work with? Are you responsible for reviewing or creating a workplace bullying policy for your organization? Is a loved one being bullied at work? Are you a bully who wants to understand what to do to make yourself stop once and for all? Is one of your subordinates bullying you or someone else, and you want it to end constructively? I can help.

Workplace Rick Brennerbullying can make any job a nightmare. Any job. Coaching for Workplace Bullying can help anyone connected with bullying — not just targets. Supervisors, bystanders, policy makers, abettors, targets, bullies — anyone. In my experience, with the right help, everyone can find a more constructive way to relate to the bullying, and each person who does so brings the entire social group a few steps closer to ending all bullying.

Taking any action at all might seem impossible, or impossibly risky. It usually does seem that way when you're in the midst of it. That's one reason why bullying persists. But constructive action most definitely possible. Traveling the road back to civility and safety takes courage, whatever your role is, but with courage and the advice I can provide, you can do it.

Coaching for Workplace Bullying answers the coaching needs of those touched by bullying, in any role. It can help you find a path that leads away from the bullying cycle to a better way to be. It offers a sharply focused, custom-tailored training to develop skills based directly on your immediate experience and needs. The issues addressed and the means of addressing them are carefully selected and timed to a degree that's impossible in coaching programs of wider scope or in more group-oriented skills development programs. Coaching for Workplace Bullying works because it's personal to you.

Why Coaching for Workplace Bullying?

The key elements that make Coaching for Workplace Bullying so successful are:

  • Minimal impact on workplace routine
  • Discretion
  • Joint development of narrowly focused goals and objectives

These three factors ensure a minimally invasive intervention with a results orientation.

The approach is based on the work of Virginia Satir, a pioneering family therapist, renowned for her ability to help clients resolve issues of long standing very quickly. Fundamental to the approach is making a connection with the client. It is that connection that enables the coach and client to discover together new ways for the client to address the issues that arise in the client's work life.

Discretion is an essential element of the program. At no time will the coach appear publicly with the client in the workplace setting. This serves to protect the client from speculation and rumor, two burdens that affect how others perceive the client. Discretion extends to everyone in the client's workplace — the content of the coaching program is never revealed to anyone.

What is Coaching for Workplace Bullying?

Most engagements are conducted entirely by telephone. We'll explore together how we might work together to uncover and address opportunities for ending the bullying, and for ensuring that it does not recur. Together, we develop goals and objectives for the program, but we're always ready to respond to urgent situations that might arise along the way.

This joint exploration also serves as a means of getting acquainted and forming the connection that serves as a foundation for further work.

With goals and objectives in mind, we can then proceed. Telephone appointments are available at any time of day or night. In this way, we provide maximum flexibility, while limiting the impact on the workplace routine.

When is Coaching for Workplace Bullying a good choice?

Coaching for Workplace Bullying is one approach of many possible. When would you consider it? For what kinds of situations? Three factors suggest it:

Immediate need
The intensive style and narrow focus of Coaching for Workplace Bullying help the client achieve results quickly.
Clear Direction
When the desired outcome is clearly defined, the client can focus on specific goals more easily.
When the client's organization and the client share a commitment to success together, both are more willing to supply the effort required to achieve that success through Coaching for Workplace Bullying. But even without organizational support — especially bullies and targets — we can make enormous progress and still achieve the desired outcome.


I provide Coaching for Workplace Bullying on a retainer basis. Clients deposit fees for blocks of time, and we draw from that reserve as we work. Rates are USD 160.00 per hour for employer-funded engagements, in blocks of ten hours, or USD 150.00 per hour for individual-funded engagements, in blocks of ten hours. An initial block purchase of five hours at these same rates enables us to get started to see how well the arrangement works.

How to Order

New clients: Please call for a free introductory consultation before ordering. Let's spend a little time together talking about your situation, to see if we fit. If we agree to move ahead together, come back here and order either the employer-supported introductory five-hour block (if you have employer support) or if not, then order the individual introductory five-hour block.

Order Coaching for Workplace Bullying, 5 hours, employer-supported by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.
Order Coaching for Workplace Bullying, 5 hours, individual by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.

Renewing clients: These next two items are for you. If your employer is supporting this coaching, use the first one; if you are supporting it yourself, use the second.

Order Coaching for Workplace Bullying, 10 hours, employer-supported by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.
Order Coaching for Workplace Bullying, 10 hours, individual by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.

Call today

Learn how Coaching for Workplace Bullying can help you. Contact me to discuss your specific situation, by email at or by telephone at (650) 787-6475, or toll-free at (866) 378-5470 in the continental US.

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