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This page contains links to the Web sites of colleagues and consultants — people whom I consider good people to know. For other resources relating to interpersonal dynamics in the workplace, check out my collection of links to articles, articles collections, bibliographies and other links collections.

James Bach (
is founder and principal consultant of Satisfice, Inc. Through his articles and seminars on good enough quality, exploratory testing, and heuristic test design, James helps individual software testers think clearly about testing, cope with complex projects, and answer the questions "What am I doing here? What should I do now?" Find James Bach's articles and models online at his Web site.
Paul Denlinger (
is principal of China Business Strategy, which helps companies develop and expand their presence in the China market. It publishes an email newsletter, China Business Express, which covers the latest news and trends in China.
Nynke Fokma (
Nynke Fokma runs a truly unique one-woman consulting business in Systems Thinking in the computer industry. She applies systems thinking in systems architecting as well as in change artistry. As she says, "A systems architecture provides a structure in which (other) realities can be created (too)."
Phil Holberton (
The Holberton Group, led by Phil Holberton, delivers executive-level excellence. Serving as a business advisor or as an executive coach, Phil brings to his consulting work practical strategies rather than overblown theory, using proven business tactics to help you reach your corporate objectives.
Don Gray (
works with manufacturers evaluating, establishing, and executing their automation plans. Don's been working as an independent consultant since 1984. He likes solving problems and working with people. He's currently working on a better understanding of how people interact in solving complex technical problems.
Holland & Davis Management Consulting (
A management consulting firm that publishes widely, including books, articles, "hot concepts" and a packed Web site.
Naomi Karten (
is a student of human behavior. She has presented seminars and keynotes to more than 100,000 people internationally on how to manage customer expectations, deliver superior services, and build trusting, supportive relationships. She was also an instructor for the Weinberg & Weinberg workshop, Problem Solving Leadership (PSL). Naomi is the author of several books, including "Managing Expectations: Working With People Who Want More, Better, Faster, Sooner, NOW!" Her newsletter, "Perceptions & Realities," is lively, informative and a breath of fresh air.
Lenny Laskowski (
Lenny Laskowski, international professional speaker and author of 10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking (Warner Books) provides presentation skills, public speaking skills seminars, and personalized one-on-one coaching. He also offers a newsletter of free monthly speaking tips.
Ken Pugh (
has been providing training and consulting in advanced programming techniques since 1982. His specialities include object-oriented analysis and design, Java, C++, Linux/UNIX, and System Architectonics.
Johanna Rothman (
Johanna is an expert in product development and managing product development. She can help your organization find ways to make your development processes more effective and predictable. Johanna's newsletter is "tip-rich."
Steve Smith (
works at the intersection of people, management and systems, helping organizations to become more productive. Steve tackles the most difficult problem businesses face — managing technical people so they achieve results, rather than merely justifying and deploying the latest technology. Steve is a consultant, author, speaker, and expert facilitator and coach who honors and enhances the wisdom that lies dormant in groups.
Jim Stewart (
Jim is a certified project manager who specializes in providing world-class training and consulting services to organizations. He has an extensive background in deploying international infrastructure and software systems in a variety of environments, and has developed curricula and taught students in both network technology and project management methodologies.
Eileen Strider and Wayne Strider (
consult with people in IT organizations and projects to help them succeed, especially when they are feeling frustrated and stuck. Their highly successful Leaders' Forum was held annually in Crested Butte, Colorado. They were also instructors for the Weinberg & Weinberg Problem Solving Leadership Workshop. Eileen has also co-facilitated Jerry Weinberg's Systems Effectiveness Managers Group.
Jerry Weinberg (
For more than 40 years, Jerry (Gerald M.) Weinberg has worked on transforming software organizations. He is author or co-author of many articles and books, including The Psychology of Computer Programming. To many, Jerry is best known for his workshops for software leaders. These include Systems Effectiveness Management (SEM), Problem Solving Leadership (PSL), and the Congruent Organizational Change-Shop.

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