Spreadsheet Coaching

Leverage the people you already have. They know your business best.

Does your firm need more spreadsheet consulting than your budget allows? Don't just shelve projects. Your own people can do the work — with a little coaching. Here's how to tell whether spreadsheet coaching is a viable option:

  • Is your firm being held back by time-consuming manual alterations to your spreadsheet models?
  • Are your spreadsheet models so difficult to use that only one person — or nobody — knows how to update them?
  • Is your budget too tight to hire or outsource the skills you really need?
  • Are your people smart and eager to learn?
  • Do you want to enhance your in-house capability?

If you answered yes to these questions, your firm can benefit from Spreadsheet Coaching. I'll coach an individual or team as they work on upgrading your spreadsheet infrastructure or developing a spreadsheet project.

Why It Works

Most businesses today rely on spreadsheets for financial data tracking, collection and analysis. For instance, spreadsheet tools are often used for decision support and for the annual "budget exercise." These projects can be so complex that organizational capabilities are stretched.

Because of constraints in our ability to invest in spreadsheet infrastructure, tool development and maintenance can be underfunded. The result is that we make critical decisions using antiquated and inadequate spreadsheet infrastructure. Most organizations can't do much about this because they can't muster the resources to invest in spreadsheet infrastructure.

Spreadsheet coaching addresses this resource issue. By developing the staff you already have, we help you address your spreadsheet infrastructure needs economically, while they work on a real project.


After an initial three-hour get-together, we'll work entirely by telephone and email.

What We'll Do

You provide the project and labor. We'll provide experience, training, guidance, ideas, technical wisdom and encouragement.


All aspects of spreadsheet project development, including spreadsheet technology, design, testing, project planning effort estimation, and risk management.

About Rick Brenner

Rick BrennerRick Brenner, who created the course "Spreadsheet Models for Managers" at the Harvard Extension School, delivers the Spreadsheet Clinic. He taught this course to hundreds of professionals at Harvard from 1993 to 2014. More

Special Offer

Included with the program is a copy of this course, including dozens of examples, solved problems and macros — a USD 199.00 value.

The investment

USD 1,500.00 per ten hours. Initial meeting included in the first ten hours. Expenses for travel outside Boston/495 area additional.

Order Spreadsheet Coaching, 10 hours by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.


Rick Brenner, (650) 787-6475, ChacoCanyon.com
For more about my spreadsheet consulting and training services, visit SpreadsheetAce.com.

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