What Participants Say

Here's a selection of comments of participants at my programs.

"Wonderful presentation of project management principles. A very entertaining perspective!" — Brenda Mantooth

"Awesome workshop. Rick kept everyone engaged and interested while bringing out valuable lessons for our day-to-day projects." — Giagneesh Rawat

"Fascinating historical story highlighting modern real-world project management principles"

"Fascinating insight into project management, drawn from historical events." — Robin Gibson

"I love Rick's approach to teaching using fascinating stories." — Carol Elliott

"The audience was captivated by your knowledge and humor!" — Brian Hinton, Project Manager

"Great presenter, very useful information!" — Bill Chappell, Program Quality Assurance Manager, ITT Corporation

"Rick gave great examples and demonstrated wonderful insight into situations in the workplace." — a Program Manager

"I have a new awareness of questions I should be asking!" — June A. Clare, Teacher

"My eyes have been opened to see myself differently and know through practice and implementation of these concepts I can be so much more successful." — Aaron Markel, Lead, IT Application Development, Nationwide Insurance Systems Claims Solutions

"Rick was very down-to-earth and practical. He relates well to real-life business situations and offers realistic solutions to communication problems." — Randy Myers, Technology Project Manager, BankOne (now J.P. Morgan Chase)

"I both enjoyed it and was surprised by it."

"Great job! Almost didn't come because slides were so full…"

"Glad I came!"


"Best session of the conference!"

"Very entertaining and informative — wish it was longer."

"Great humor, and great material!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the interactive nature and participation of the workshop." — Kelly O'Hara, Engineer, American Electric Power

"A wonderfully different way to look at communication problems!" — Stephen Nosal

"Engaging and enjoyable. A new twist on the subject of communications." — Frank P. Saladis

"I really appreciate that the presenter didn't read the presentation back to me. Instead he was very open to discussion."

"Rick is a dynamic presenter who thinks on his feet to keep the material relevant to the group." — Tina L. Lawson, Technical Project Manager, BankOne (now J.P. Morgan Chase)

"Rick truly has his finger on the pulse of teams and their communication." — Mark Middleton, Team Lead, SERS

"A great presentation about human interaction!" — Gerry Nowicki

"The simplicity of the presentation will make it easy to remember and to implement the concepts." — Manager, Grant Thornton, LLP

"I will be able to start using what I learned in this seminar on my project teams immediately." — Keith Smith, Internal Consultant (Project Team Coach)

"I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who participates in project teams. It will help you be more constructive in your team's communications." — Lisa Ellis, Senior IT Project Manager, Gap, Inc.

"Rick was able to bring the audience in, even though we were in a classroom arrangement. He's very good at interactive conversations with audience participants."

"I particularly enjoyed the unprepared comments made by Rick in response to attendee's questions." — Peter H. Schiller, Technology Project Manager, BankOne (now J.P. Morgan Chase)

"Practical ideas for use in business as well as personal settings." — Tom Tesarz, Odyssey Consulting Services

"The return on investment was enormous!" — William W. Wagner

"The interaction model of communication is incredibly insightful in the steps that transpire in a conversation." — Lucy Watts, Director of Business Development, RKV Technologies, Inc.

"Unless you can read minds, you will do well to use these models and examples!" — Lori J. Lyda Kleckner, Project Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development

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