Comprehensive Package of All Ebooks and Tips Books

You've looked at descriptions of some of my ebooks, and so many of them look intriguing, you're sure you'll end up buying a few, if not most of them, but clicking around and filling out umpteen order forms is just too much hassle…

I've Comprehensive collection of all e-books and e-bookletsfilled out my share of on-line order forms and I know the pain too well. Here's a way to avoid most of it. Just order everything at once. One order, one download…DONE! And save a bundle!

Here's what you'll get:

Not only is ordering easier, but downloading is easier too. Each ebook or tips book is a PDF file, and they're all zipped together into a single ZIP archive. You download the archive, unZIP it like you would any ZIPped file, and there you are.


You can load them onto your computer or mobile device. Or print them on any standard black-and-white or color printer. Price: USD 161.95, a savings of almost 71% for the entire pack. Call for volume or site license pricing at the phone number below.

Order by mail by sending a check to the address below, payable to Chaco Canyon Consulting. Or you can pay by credit card, and receive download instructions by return email:

Order Comprehensive Package of All Ebooks and Tips Books by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and receive download instructions by return email.
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