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A Tip a Day brings you an insight, a tip, or a reminder, to help you with the interpersonal issues of work life. Included is a link to a Web page at this Web site with more information about the tip of the day.

When the trials and troubles of workaday life are sometimes too much to take, some of us look around for something to read to help us get over the speed bumps. Trouble is, reading usually takes too much time and effort.

If you're looking for a concise, low-effort source of insight, inspiration, and good common sense, A Tip a Day could be the answer.

It's a free service, but we do ask for donations.

A Tip a DayA Tip A Day comes to you by email or RSS feed, every day, Monday through Friday, between 4 AM and 8 AM New York time. It is posted to Twitter daily at 10 AM. It's 20 to 30 words at most, and in those words it gives you a new perspective on the hassles of work life.

A Tip a Day is especially useful for new or recent subscribers to my weekly newsletter, Point Lookout, because it gives you a low-effort way to browse the archives of past issues. When you read the tip of the day, if you want to know more, just visit the page indicated by the accompanying link. Read what readers say about Point Lookout.

For everyone though, A Tip a Day gives you a concise, simple message to think about during the work day, or while you get started each day, or while you make your way to work.

Some sample editions

Here are three sample editions of A Tip a Day.

  • To be successful politically, we must learn to see things as they are. And we can begin by realizing that workplace politics is not a game. More
  • The cheapest way to run a project is with enough resources. More
  • A favorite game at meetings: Serial Status Report. We each report that everything we're responsible for is on track. More

How you can receive A Tip a Day

You have three options: Twitter, RSS, and email.

To subscribe by Twitter, just follow @RickBrenner. The Twitter versions of the daily tips are somewhat shorter due to the message lenght limit imposed by Twitter, but each tip does include a link to the full article.

To receive A Tip a Day by RSS feed, or if you want to incorporate it into a Web site, the RSS feed is for you. It's updated daily, Monday through Friday, with a new tip each day, and a link to an article on this Web site related to that tip. The URL for the feed is http://www.ChacoCanyon.com/rss/atad-feed.xml. Read about How to Convert RSS Feeds into Web Pages.

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