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What Readers Say About Point Lookout

Here's a sampling of the mail I receive from subscribers to Point Lookout, and other readers too.

At last count, Point Lookout had over 2000 subscribers worldwide. Most are in the U.S., but about a third are elsewhere, on every continent (except Antarctica) and in dozens of nations. Many subscribe by RSS feed, and of course, their numbers and identities are unknown to me. Here's a sampling of some of the comments I've received about Point Lookout:

  • Your stuff is brilliant! And — Thank you for sharing these ideas.
  • Although I don't always find that I can agree entirely with Rick's point of view, I find his essays thoughtful, well-written, generally based on both good research and real-world experiences, as well as field tested. I look forward to each new essay. — By Baylis, Principal, HigherEdByBaylis LLC
  • I really enjoy your articles, and I want to let you know what a wonderful thing you're doing by putting them out there every week. I love your topics, your writing style, and your insight into both workplace challenges and what we can do about them. How you do it, and how you do it so consistently, are both mysteries to me. I recommend your newsletter to anyone who wants to know more about how to be a human being among other human beings and wants concrete steps to take now to do their part in dismantling the walls we build between each other. You are a gift.
  • Each time I read one of your articles, I get some excellent information to help me in my life and my immediate concerns in my job. Thanks for that! — Jim Hayes, City of Hoover, Alabama, Public Safety IT
  • You and Scott Adams both secretly work here, right?
  • The articles are great, I enjoy getting them, and you always have something very interesting to say, or good points to raise.
  • I really enjoy my weekly newsletters. I appreciate that the newsletter is a quick read and is much more intellectually stimulating than, say, reading a Dilbert cartoon.
  • You fill a need that went unmet — a sort of Dr. Phil for Management!
  • I have found your articles extremely accurate, inspiring and applicable to day-to-day. You have a great writing style and the lessons that you have shared with us are invaluable.
  • I'd like to cast my vote for the value of your work, and especially the wonderful way you publicize it by making a lot of it available to the whole community gratis! I've sent many a Point Lookout newsletter to my colleagues and supervisors — sometimes with very good effect!
  • You are an outstanding example of an Individual who is willing to contribute more than you consume…
  • Just a quick note to say thanks for the great newsletters and keep them coming…the newsletters are absolutely priceless.
  • I like the "catchy" titles on the articles. Some days the first pane says it all about our situation. The titles draw you in on any given day depending upon our circumstances.
  • The fact that the articles are short, to the point, usually have a quick story from someone's past and give good ways to solve/improve/better our situations are all pluses.
  • I enjoy the Point Lookouts very much. Not only at work; at times I find it useful outside my professional life!

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