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52 Tips for Leaders of Project-Oriented Organizations
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If you're marketing 52 Tips for Leaders of Project-Oriented Organizations, you'll be looking for strategies, tactics and resources to help you understand and reach buyers. This page provides some basics and some useful ideas.

This page helps ClickBank affiliates who are considering promoting our ebook, 52 Tips for Leaders of Project-Oriented Organizations. It has resources and insights that might reduce the cost of devising a marketing program for this item, and describes the buyers in some detail.

The general reading audience for 52 Tips for Leaders of Project-Oriented Organizations consists of people who participate in one or more of these activities:

  • Executive teams
  • Project teams
  • Task forces, especially cross-functional
  • Strategy formulation
  • Emergency management
  • Knowledge-based work
  • Managing people, groups and teams
  • Projects and project management
  • Meetings
  • Workplace politics
  • Conflict (both creative and destructive), or conflict resolution
  • Idea generation and innovation
  • Organizational change
  • Working within or leading teams

How to Reach the Buyers

First, here's something not to do: advertise in magazines that appeal to the target audience. Although members of this audience might subscribe to printed publications, they don't have much time to read them. And often, they're mobile — away from the office or traveling to distant cities. They don't want to carry the extra load of printed material. If you do want to advertise, send them postcards or advertise on line.

Postcards have two goals. First, if they're colorful, clever and have a low density of text, they will be read. And that's the first goal: to be read. The second goal of the postcard is to motivate the reader to go to your Web site for more information or to place the order. You can facilitate this by featuring your URL prominently, so that the postcard can become a quick "to-do" flag: it might be inserted in a book or briefcase as a reminder. You might even consider adding a peel-and-stick URL of your order page.

On line advertising is effective for our audience, because the Web is instantly available. Here are some Web sites where our buyers might be looking for help. Some accept ads, some don't. But the ones that don't accept ads have lots of links to sites that do. The usual methods will be effective, of course: Google AdWords, Yahoo! Advertising, Bing Ads, and Everything You Need To Know About Sponsored Content.

But more targeted sites can be more cost-effective. The sites below provide resources that this audience seeks:

If they're searching for resources on the Web, they're probably looking for some of these keywords and keyphrases:

  • autocratic leadership
  • business leadership
  • business leadership coaching
  • center for creative leadership
  • change congregational leading
  • change culture in leading
  • change game leading positive
  • change in leading organization
  • change kotter leading
  • change leading
  • change leading organizational
  • executive leadership training program
  • change leading positive
  • charismatic leadership
  • christian leadership
  • church leadership
  • church leadership training
  • communication and leadership
  • compare contrast leadership theory
  • corporate leadership council
  • define leadership
  • definition of leadership
  • democratic leadership style
  • difference between management and leadership
  • different leadership style
  • education leadership
  • educational leadership
  • educational leadership journal
  • effective leadership
  • executive leadership development
  • executive leadership development program
  • executive leadership training
  • famous leadership quote
  • good leadership quality
  • good leadership skill
  • irrefutable law of leadership
  • leadership
  • leadership activity
  • leadership and management
  • leadership article
  • leadership assessment
  • leadership behavior
  • leadership book
  • leadership characteristic
  • leadership coaching
  • leadership conference
  • leadership consulting
  • leadership course
  • leadership development
  • leadership development consulting
  • leadership development program
  • leadership development training
  • leadership essay
  • leadership executive coaching
  • leadership game
  • leadership in education
  • leadership institute
  • leadership journal
  • leadership model
  • leadership philosophy
  • leadership poem
  • leadership principle
  • leadership program
  • leadership quality
  • leadership quotation
  • leadership quote
  • leadership role
  • leadership seminar
  • leadership skill
  • leadership skill development
  • leadership skill training
  • leadership speech
  • leadership story
  • leadership strategy
  • leadership style
  • leadership test
  • leadership theory
  • leadership training
  • leadership training program
  • leadership trait
  • leadership values
  • leadership vs management
  • leadership workshop
  • leading an organization
  • leading change in organization
  • management leadership training
  • national outdoor leadership school
  • national student leadership conference
  • national youth leadership forum
  • nursing leadership
  • organizational leadership
  • people to people world leadership forum
  • project leadership
  • school leadership
  • servant leadership
  • situational leadership
  • southern christian leadership conference
  • strategic leadership
  • student leadership
  • team leadership
  • the leadership challenge
  • transactional leadership
  • transformational leadership
  • type of leadership
  • type of leadership style
  • woman in leadership
  • woman leadership
  • world leadership group
  • world leadership group scam
  • youth leadership

Comarketing and
Marketing Synergy Opportunities

If you're already marketing some products, you might find that the people you're already looking for are the same people who would be interested in 52 Tips for Leaders of Project-Oriented Organizations. Here are some products that buyers of this item might also be interested in acquiring:

  • Travel guides
  • Battery chargers and batteries
  • Telephone headset
  • Remote presentation software
  • Disk synchronization software
  • International calling cards
  • Wi-Fi Internet service subscriptions or renewals
  • PDA service subscriptions or renewals
  • Travel alarm clocks
  • Electric power adapters
  • Multiple time-zone watches
  • Keychain flashlights
  • Travel-sized appliances
  • Travel sizes of over-the-counter pharmacy products
  • Video conferencing gear and software
  • Books and tips about presentations
  • Books on business travel: from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, from Google Products


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