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Terrific Technical Presentations


Are your technical presentations dull, overly complex and off target? Organizations today use presentations both to deliver their messages to customers, conferences and trade shows, and to carry out internal development of both product and strategy. Although technical professionals bring technical mastery to these challenges, their presentation skills frequently limit their performance. This hyperbook is packed with tips that show how to create terrific technical presentations.

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people in your organization make technical presentations, chances are good that they're doing it without training. Some are naturally good at it. A few have had presentation skills training, but even fewer have had training for technical presentations. Terrific Technical Presentations fills that gap.

A persuasive speakerIdeally, we'd like technical professionals to present their own technical content. Only they have the depth of understanding needed to project true credibility. But too often, the presentations of technical professionals are ineffective.

  • They fail to focus on the customer perspective.
  • They ramble.
  • Questions sidetrack them.
  • They run over time while failing to make the most important points.

If a demonstration is involved, sometimes the equipment fails, or the product doesn't work properly. If the product is software, debugging alerts appear. Too often, we hear "Just ignore that."

Through it all, we often see too much emphasis on the beauty or elegance of the product, and too little emphasis on how it can help the customer.

This program gives technical professionals enough of the savvy of the professional presenter to make their technical presentations terrific. It shows your most credible employees how to deliver your message effectively — to peers, to management, to customers, and to industry.

Who can benefit

Terrific Technical Presentations is designed for technical professionals and their managers. It's ideal for anyone responsible for delivering technical material in settings such as customer calls, conferences, trade shows, or reviews. It's especially useful for people who deliver presentations to senior management

What you get

You get a stand-alone Web site, complete with its own search engine. You can peruse this site with your Internet browser. Included are dozens of tips and insights on topics such as:

  • Create Powerful PowerPoint
  • Pay Attention to Logistics
  • Terrific Demos for Small Audiences
  • Work the Event
  • Characterize the Audience
  • Plan for Impact

Throughout, you'll find links to resources on the Web for further information.

Periodic updates included

We're continuously improving the content of Terrific Technical Presentations. We distribute periodic updates, which are included in your fee for one year.

Some sample tips

Here are a few of the tips from "Create Powerful PowerPoint."

You don't need your corporate logo or your contact information on every slide. First and last only, if that.

Ditch the outline. Replace it with bullet items that intrigue and motivate.

Use a dark background, with light-colored type. A bright screen can make it hard to see the presenter. A dark background in deep blue sets off the presenter.

One bullet item, one line. Multi-line bullet items contribute to a cluttered feeling. Break such items into two, or reword.

What readers say

Here's a sample of reader's comments:

  • You're stuff is brilliant! And -- Thank you for sharing these ideas.
  • You and Scott Adams both secretly work here, right?
  • The articles are great, I enjoy getting them, and you always have something very interesting to say, or good points to raise.
  • I really enjoy my weekly newsletters. I appreciate that the newsletter is a quick read and is much more intellectually stimulating than, say, reading a Dilbert cartoon.
  • You fill a need that went unmet -- a sort of Dr. Phil for Management!
  • I have found your articles extremely accurate, inspiring and applicable to day-to-day. You have a great writing style and the lessons that you have shared with us are invaluable.
  • More

Designed for busy people

Most of us have way too much to do to find much time to read. And the time we do have is broken up into small chunks. We need the knowledge, but too often, we don't have time to get it, and we can't wade through 15-page chapters that lay out lengthy discussions.

Knowledge products from Chaco Canyon Consulting are designed with busy people in mind. Here are some features that make reading our e-books fast and convenient.

They're available on line
It's fun to go to a bookstore, but you have to find the time to go to the store, find what you want, wait in line to pay for it, and get back from the store. For some of us, all that time is a challenge.
With our knowledge products, you browse for your selection on line, and pay for it quickly and easily through ClickBank. You can do it anywhere that has an Internet connection.
Instant downloads
With some on-line stores, you have to wait for an email message with download instructions. The wait can be brief, but sometimes it's a day or so.
With our knowledge products, receive download instructions instantly. After you select an item, you can have it in your possession in minutes.
Universal data formats
To use some on-line knowledge products, even those you download, you need a computer or mobile device, or worse—a computer with a specific operating system.
Our knowledge products are available in near-universal formats—either hypertext (like this document you're reading right now), or Acrobat (PDF), or MP3. You can use them with any computer or device that supports the format of that product (either hypertext, PDF or MP3).
Written for busy people
Most business books are about 200-250 pages, with about 10 chapters. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to read a 225-page book cover-to-cover. There are lots of folks like us—that's why there's such a booming market in book condensations.
Our ebooks cut out that middle step. They're designed to be read by people who don't have time for the typical business book. Our tip books consist of short paragraphs, two- to four sentences per tip. Each tip has a headline in bold. You can easily scan the book for tips that seem relevant to you and read only those. Read in any order, and read them in short sittings.
We use hyperlinks
Most books, even e-books, are meant to be read off-line. Because they stand alone, they contain material that you might not want to see.
Our ebooks assume that you have the Internet nearby. If you want background material on a point we've made, just click. And some of our hyperlinks link to other places in the e-book itself, to help you tie things together is you read.

Details and how to order

After your purchase is approved, ClickBank presents a page that contains a link to a page where you can download your item immediately. You can load it onto your computer or mobile device, or print it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by ClickBank's return policy.

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