Reprinting Articles from This Web Site

If your organization produces a newsletter or ezine, and you found one of the articles on this Web site particularly applicable, you can license it for inclusion in an edition of your publication. Here's how.

Wondering how to getRick Brenner a message out to your employees or other stakeholders in your organization? You can write it yourself, or find someone else to write it, and maybe that's the best way to go.

But if you've seen an article on this Web site that meets your needs, why not just license it for publication within your organization? It's already written, so the risk is zero, and you know you'll have it by deadline. And you can't beat the price.

There are two ways to go: hardcopy and electronic. For commercial organizations, the hardcopy license fee for single use (one edition of one publication) is USD 100.00; the license fee for electronic distribution is USD 100.00 per single use per year. Licensable electronic formats are Acrobat (PDF) and HTML.

The analogous fees for not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions are USD 5.00 per use, or USD 5.00 per use per year.

Articles available for reprinting

Check out the archives:
Archives of Point Lookout, a weekly newsletter
Topics: …and much more. Each article is very close to 500 words. Read what readers say about Point Lookout.
Essays on Teamwork, Conflict and Project Management
Longer works ranging from 500 to 3000 words. Many have been reprinted in journals.

What I need

I do have some relatively simple requirements. All you have to do is:

  • Fax a signed copy of the license agreement to (617) 395-2628
  • Include my copyright notice in all copies
  • Include my Web site in all hardcopy reproductions, and a live link to my Web site in all electronic reproductions.
  • Send me the very nominal license fee

Easy as that.

What you'll get

To make it easier for you to insert the article into your composed document, I'll send you a copy of the article in MS Word format, after I receive your payment and signed agreement. This copy will also include my byline, a mention of my Web site, and my copyright notice, which are to be included verbatim.

How to Order

Order by mail by sending a check to the address below, payable to Chaco Canyon Consulting. Or you can pay by credit card:

Order Reprint an Article — Commercial Organizations by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.
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Order Reprint an Article — Not-for-Profit, Government and Educational by credit card, for each, using our secure server, and we'll begin working together after your order is received.
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Call me, Rick Brenner, for more information toll-free at (866) 378-5470.

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